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Degree Students


Foreign applicants applying for higher education are required to submit to the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, to the entrusted deputy of the particular faculty or institute, a certificate of completion of secondary education as well as a copy of their  passport.
If the applicant has also completed another institution with a higher education qualification following secondary school, the certificate of completion of the above education should be supplied too.


The basic requirements for admission to a study programme are:

  • in the first cycle, the acquisition of secondary general education or secondary vocational education completed with the secondary school-leaving certificate,
  • in the second cycle, the completion of the study programme of the first cycle,
  • in the third cycle, the completion of the study programme of the second cycle.

Applicants for study at the STU who have graduated from earlier studies abroad must submit a recognized formal qualification issued by a foreign secondary school, or high school.


Following the submitted documents the STU (faculty or institute) will issue to foreign applicant a “Preliminary Letter of Acceptance” signed by the appropriate Vice-Dean of the Faculty or Director of the Institute.


After obtaining the acceptance for study, the foreign applicant will apply in his/her own country for a visa giving permission for temporary residence for 90 days, to enable entry into the Slovak Republic territory.

Documents required for applying for temporary residence permit due to studies are the following:

  • Letter of admission from the STU – Letter of Acceptance.
  • Completed application form for permission for temporary residence in Slovakia.
  • Acceptance of admission to accommodation, confirmation of payment of registration fees, tuition fees, as well as prepaid accommodation costs  (hostel).
  • Health insurance covering the period of stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic.
  • Document confirming applicant’s identity – birth certificate or identity card.
  • Criminal Registry extract from the country of his/her origin.
  • Travel passport with validity more than 6 months.
  • Two colour photographs 3 × 3,5 cm.

The documents must not be older than 90 days at the time of submitting the application. All documents issued abroad must be officially authenticated in a way recognised in Slovakia (“apostille” or “superlegalisation”) and if they are in a foreign language, their official translation into Slovak has to be attached.


Having obtained the above documents, the foreign applicant will take part in the entrance interview at the faculty/ institute he/she had chosen (the basic subjects being English, Maths and Physics). The entrance examinations are diverse, depending on the field of study and faculty. They may be written and oral, or just written tests. In some fields of study, e.g. the performing arts, aptitude examinations are also conducted.


The receiving faculty/institute will prepare the “Nominal list of students”, who have passed the entrance
examinations and will submit the “List” for approval to the session of the Faculty/Institute Head Office.


The accepted foreign applicants will receive all necessary documents for their study (student ID card, etc.) from the Student Affairs Office at the Faculty/Institute. The foreign applicant will be sent a definitive Letter of Acceptance.


Application form, admission procedure deadlines, tuition fees and payments for study – applicants can apply to for studies at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava in two ways: electronically or by sending the filled-in paper application form without entering the electronic application. The application forms, the rules governing tuition fees and details of payment for study, together with admission deadlines are available on the STU web page, as separate documents.

http://www.stuba.sk/english/applicants/admission-procedure- application-forms-deadlines-fees-contacts.html?page_id=2020

Foreign applicants who do not meet all the requirements for admission may be required to attend preparatory courses, including Slovak language courses.


MORE INFORMATION FOR FOREIGNERS: BOOKLETS (HERE) published by the IOM Migration Information Centre.