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The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU), the largest and most significant university of technology in the Slovak Republic, is a modern European educational and research institution. It offers university education mainly in technical, technological, technical-economic, technical-information and technical-artistic fields of study. Its activities reach back to the rich old tradition of the Mining Academy in Banská Štiavnica, established by the Empress Maria Theresa in 1762. The STU provides a comprehensive and modern system of university education, research, and cooperation with the world of work through the transfer of knowledge. STU disposes of the widest spectrum of study branches. Since its establishment in 1937, more than 159,000 graduates have completed their education at the university, with the average number of students attending annually being 12,000.

In addition, the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava is considered to be one of the leading academic institutions in Slovakia and Europe, and has received numerous high rankings and awards for its quality of research and teaching.

In the Academic Ranking and Rating Agency (ARRA) in Slovakia, the STU faculties have been regularly awarded the first place rankings. In the overall estimation the faculties belong amongst the best rated faculties in the group of faculties of technology.

In the Academic Ranking of World Universities, the STU has been also estimated as successful, being ranked 101st – 150th by subject fields – Computer Science (2012).

In Webometrics Ranking of World’s Universities, the STU ranks among the top 500 universities (2012).

The STU graduates are successful in the labour market, not only in Slovakia, but also abroad, and find a broad range of jobs. The STU graduates are in high demand (more than 50 % Slovak employers recruit them), and are highest-paid of all university graduates in Slovakia. The unemployment rate of its graduates is the lowest.

ects labelIn 2012, the STU received the ECTS Label – the most prestigious European certificate awarded in the sphere of tertiary education. Obtaining the ECTS Label indicates to all domestic and foreign students, that the study credit system at the STU fulfils strict European standards and its offered education is fully comparable with that of other countries. All the degree programmes offered at the university, all exams and credits that students gain, are in line with the European credit system and are thus recognized abroad. Obtaining the ECTS Label is a signal of quality for domestic and foreign students.