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Use of cookies to www.stuba.sk
STU website uses cookies to ensure the correct functioning of the services provided.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files stored in the user's Web browser (eg. Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) in the computer (or other device to access the internet, for example. Smartphone or tablet). These files provide the possibility of re-visiting the site easily and quickly obtain personalized content whenever they return to the website on which it has ever been. Information from the cookies is only accessible sites that created them. Cookies do not contain any other software programs that could be run on the user device to access the Internet (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

What is the content of cookies?
On the website STU you may encounter temporary and persistent cookies. Temporary cookies are used in a user's browser when you browse the web, after leaving the webpage the files from your computer (or other device) lost. Persistent cookies remain on your computer (or other device) until their expiry or delete users. They are used for instance to identify visitors through Google Analytics by a GoogleTM. Traffic analysis and visitor behavior subsequently trying to improve and adapt the content of our website.

What are the benefits of using cookies?
A cookie is a file that contains information from the user's Web browser and a particular Web server. If the Web browser accesses the Web server again, the server can easily and quickly retrieve the information and respond to the data stored on it. Thanks to the cookies we are able to continuously improve and perfect our website.

What are the options for changing settings and delete cookies?
Each user can affect your device or on the device will be stored cookies. In the case of allow cookies (the default action for most Web browser), the user knows they add / edit or delete as appropriate. Every web browser offers tools that are used to manage your cookies. Pre-installed settings most browsers are such as to allow the storing of cookies for all web sites (pages). Browser settings, however, can be changed so that the cookies will be processed in different ways.

For example:

  • each user before storing a cookie on your computer accepts or rejects this store
  • A user specifies the behavior of cookies on specific sites (eg. his favorite)
  • user completely prohibit cookies from being saved on your computer.

For more information on where to find cookies in the browser settings, you need to go to the site specific manufacturer browser.

Thank you for understanding.