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University workplaces

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU, STUBA) is the largest technology-oriented university in Slovakia. It was founded in 1937, but the roots of engineering education on Slovak territory go backwards to 1762. Seven schools (faculties) and a university-wide institute with 1.100 teaching and 300 research staff educate 19.000 students. Almost 70% of the teaching staff as well as graduate students are research-active. 

R&D spending represents one third of the total university budget. Industrial cooperation is an integral part of activities and plays a significant role in building a collaborative culture. The university attracted the largest number of FP6 projects in Slovakia.

University is active in various research fields, e. g. material science, chemistry, industrial biotechnology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, recycling of waste and oils, as well as architecture and industrial design.

Six specialised research centres have been recently selected as excellent:

Centre of Excellence of Integrated Flood Protection Systems

The department for Water Supply Management at STU have continuously worked on developing integrated flood protection systems with the support of eco systems in a catchment area. This integrated approach is supported by research in mathematics, geo-informatics and construction geodesy. Some of the research projects are being delivered under the UNESCO international hydrology programme.

Prof. Ing. Peter Dušička, PhD.
e-mail: name.surname@stuba.sk, phone: +421 903 240 761, www.ceipo.svf.stuba.sk

Centre of the Development and Application of Advanced Diagnostic Methods in the Processing of 
metallic and non-metallic materials

Research is oriented on “physical metallurgy“. It includes the changing of a structure and properties of coatings on selected metal materials through modifications in the chemical and phase composition of thin and hard layers and their combinations. Strong cooperation partner is Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf in Germany dedicated to Cluster Structures and Nano Materials.

Assoc. Prof. Ing. Ľubomír Čaplovič, PhD.
e-mail: name.surname@stuba.sk, phone: +421 918 646 043

Centre of Excellence for the Settlement 
Infrastructure Development of the Knowledge Based Economy - SPECTRA+

SPECTRA+ is a co-ordination core of the Centre for Urban Infrastructure – infrastructure planning and development in relation to globalisation, rise of the knowledge economy along with increasing environmental concerns. For its significant contribution under Framework Programme 5, SPECTRA+ was awarded a status of the “Central European Research and Training Centre in Spatial Planning“ by the European Commission in Brussels .

Prof. Ing. Maroš Finka, PhD.
e-mail: name.surname@stuba.sk,
phone: +421 905 612 465, www.spectra-perseus.sk/Projects/SPECTRA 

National Centre for Research and Application of Renewable Energy Sources

Experts engage in basic and applied research in using biomass, organic polymeric materials, solar and hydro energy for heat and power and production of new materials. This includes anaerobic digestion of organic waste, products derived from the pyrolysis of used tyres, hybrid systems with membranes and solvents based on ionic liquids, kinetic study of radical reactions through methods of electron paramagnetic resonance and thermal analysis and many others.

Prof. Ing. František Janíček, PhD. 
e-mail: name.surname@stuba.sk, phone: +421 (2) 60 291 298, www.nc-oze.stuba.sk

Centre of Exellence of Five Axis Machining

This area focuses on the introduction of the new 5 axis machining solutions previously not considered in Slovakia. Prior to that, researchers gained experience working on projects with 3 and 4 axis machining together with the STU’s School of Materials Science & Technology in Trnava and Forschungszentrum Dresden Rossendorf, a high-profile research institute in Dresden, Germany.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Jozef  Peterka
e-mail: name.surname@stuba.sk, phone: +421 905 930 245, www.mtf.stuba.sk/english/events-news/news/centre-of-excellence-5-axis-machining.html?page_id=5589

Centre of Excellence for
SMART Technologies, Systems and Services

Experts in this area actively co-operate with all key national and international organisations. Among others, they achieved good results in many fields, e. g. micro- and nanoelectronics, sensors, photonics (in femtosecond scale), software development, information systems, artificial intelligence, automation, cybernetics, telecommunications and computer science.

Prof. Ing. Daniel Donoval, PhD.
e-mail: name.surname@stuba.sk, phone: +421 (2) 60 291 372, +421 (2) 60 291 358, +421 (2) 65 423 486

Research Centre
Vazovova 5, 812 43 Bratislava, Slovakia