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ECTS Information Package

Bratislava City Transport serves to more than 500 000 inhabitants with large network of buses, trams and trolleybuses.
Student accepted for a study will receive a student ID card. On the basis of the ID card student can buy Student Travel Ticket or a Student Travel Pass.

Student travel pass
Student Travel Pass can be included into the student ID card or it can be issued as a separate card.
Travel Tickets and Travel Passes are issued in specialised city transport ticket shops.
Student Travel Pass is valid for all buses, trams and trolley buses.
Prices of Student Travel Pass differ in dependance on time period:

30-days: 13,45 EUR
90-days: 36,15 EUR

City Transport Tickets Shops              


Opening hours

 travel passes & tickets

 Main railway station (infront of station building)      Mon-Fri 05:30-21:00, Sat 08:00-16:00  travel passes & tickets
 Main bus station (1st floor)  Mon-Fri 05:30-21:00  travel passes & tickets
 Hodžovo námestie (subway)  Mon-Fri 05:30-20:00, Sat 08:00-16:00  travel passes & tickets
 Most SNP (bus terminal)  Mon-Fri 06:00-18:00  travel passes & tickets
 Mlynaričova street (near bus stop Mlynarovičova)  Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00  travel passes & tickets
 Olejkárska street 1 (DPB, a.s., headquarters)  Mon-Fri 05:30-20:00  travel passes & tickets

Ticket Price List (from 1st November 2015) - Integrated Transport System in Bratislava:
The validity of tickets for single journey is limited by time and by number of travelled zones.
The passenger can change without limit within the ticket validity and can combine the transport means of all operators of Integrated transport in Bratislava region without restraint. The number of zones for the particular ticket can not be exceeded.
Important note: Zone 100 counts for 2 zones, with exception of journeys within the Bratislava city (i.e. without travelling to or from regional zones) where the 2-zones ticket can be used for travelling from zone 100 to zone 101 an vice versa. Basically, for journeys within Bratislava city only time validity of single journey ticket is taken into account.

Student one way travel tickets (Reduced fares) can be bought from yellow ticket machines available at bus, tram and trolley stops or in Postal Kiosks.

One way student travel tickets:

15-minutes ticket / 2 zones: 0,35 EUR
30 minutes ticket / 2 zones: 0,45 EUR
60-minutes ticket / 3 zones: 0,60 EUR
60-minutes ticket / 4 zones: 0,75 EUR
90-minutes ticket / 5 zones: 0,90 EUR
90-minutes ticket / 6 zones: 1,05 EUR
120-minutes ticket / 7 zones: 1,15 EUR
120-minutes ticket / 8 zones: 1,25 EUR
150-minutes ticket / 9 zones: 1,40 EUR
150-minutes ticket /10 zones: 1,55 EUR
180-minutes ticket / unlimited zones: 1,80 EUR

SMS tickets are valid only on buses, trolley buses and trams No 1 - 212, N1 - N99, X1 - X99 (no reduction possible, including luggage):

40-minutes SMS ticket including night lines (send empty SMS to number 1140) 1,00 EUR
70-minutes SMS ticket including night lines (send empty SMS to number 1100) 1,30 EUR
24-hours SMS ticket including night lines (send empty SMS to number 1124) 4,50 EUR

Duplicate of SMS ticket, in the case it is erased (send empty SMS to number 1101) charge is 0,20 EUR


For transport of large baggage (more than 80  cm  x  60  cm  x  50  cm), bike or animal the reduced 15-minutes ticket (0,35 €) is needed. In this case it is valid for 3 hours in all zones. This applies only for city transport and for regional buses. For regional trains the railway fare conditions are applied.

More information about tickets, Bratislava City Transport you can find HERE.

Journey Planner of Public Transportation in Bratislava can help to plan city transport all around the city of Bratislava.