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Happy to see you around here. OK. Being interested in the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava is the first step. Further on, you can find all you need to proceed: information, application forms, hints, contacts and links. 

Since you are here, let us tell you basic facts about us. STU is the best technical university in Slovakia and third best in the Slovak and Czech Republics. Taking a global look, STU ranks as the 710th best University globally, according to prestigious QS Ranking 2020.  Shanghai ranking 2020 ranks STU into the leading TOP 500 universities in mathematical sciences.

Almost 11 000 students attend 7 STU faculties; 5% of them are foreign students. Popularity of STU keeps growing internationally, since it offers a high quality technical education in hundreds of study programmes free of charge. Are you interested? So let's proceed further and see how to apply. It is quite easy. No paper work, we are running just online!

How to apply
Have you made a decision yet? Then it is easy. You can start filling in your application form online:

» e-application form for study at the STU

Overview of the Fees for Material Arragement of the Admission Procedure for applicants for study

Information for Ukrainians 

Further information & documents

Admission procedure DEADLINES for academic year 2022/2023

Important documents:

Still not sure? Chemistry? Architecture? Informatics? Engineering? Than check the web sites of the STU faculties, where you can find all the information, relevant contacts and the application procedure as well: 

  Faculty of Civil Engineering
  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
  Faculty of Architecture and Design
  Faculty of Materials Science and Technology based in Trnava
  Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies
Institute of Management

Studying in Slovak language is for free. We offer foreign language courses as well, so you can get fluent in rather a short time.  You are welcome to join a chosen course.

The cost of the study programmes  in an English language reaches 4.000 € maximum. Please find more detailed info for individual Faculties here:  
Overview of Tuition for Faculties and Institute of Management of STU

Visas and Permits
All the necessary information about:
the entry, stay, employment in Slovakia
the residence permits in Slovakia

ACT No 404/2011on Residence of Aliens and Amendment and Supplementation of Certain Acts

STU offers more than 3 000 residential units in student dormitories/halls of residence located close to the Faculties. Recently, we have accomplished massive investments into refurbishment  of our dormitories; so far almost 50% of our capacity resembles more a hotel type of accommodation. The monthly price ranges from 60 € to up to 110 € (depending on the locality and the type of individual rooms). 

STU offers a wide variety of scholarships; the total sum reaching up to 3 million € a year. There are numerous international partners where you can go and stay for short internships. As the leading technical university, we offer plenty of technical support services, e.g. unlimited cloud storage via Google Suite and much more. 

In addition, you can do a lot of sports at our new stadiums, gyms and fitness centres. Generally speaking, you will fully enjoy a decent and flourishing social life and specific charms of the Bratislava city. Check out what the New York Times reports about it: 


We look forward to seeing you around here soon.