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International Activities


Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU) keep long-term relations with foreign universities and institutions, and systematically reach new cooperation agreements. This way, STU create conditions for cooperation between faculties, departments and individuals.

The university, its faculties and employees are active in important European and international professional, educational, scientific and artistic organisations.

The international bilateral and multilateral framework agreements create conditions for cooperation between faculties, departments, institutes and individuals.


Contractual partnerships enable university to participate in international projects, which are among university’s key activities. Not only do they produce financial sources for university, but they also contribute to further development of the university, providing for mobility of the teachers, as well as postgraduate and regular students.

As of today, STU have singed 433 agreements on international cooperation with 203 institutions from 49 countries from around the world

Within the mobility programmes, university send students to foreign studies or professional internships in companies abroad, which usually last from three to twelve months. They are executed within various projects of international programmes.

(from “STU Profile 2015”)