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On 14 June 2016 QS University Rankings published the Top 200 Universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia. The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava was ranked in the 79th place. Compared to the last year, it moved up by eight positions.

The evaluators monitored the school and its employees' reputation among academics and employers, school size, publication activity, activity on the website, the PhD. students/employees ratio, as well as the number of foreign students, teachers and researchers. STU scored especially in the categories of publication activity and activity on the website. On the contrary, it lost points for foreign students and lecturers.

"Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava ascends in the international rankings of universities, gaining the best long-term evaluation for Information Science. Paradoxically, it is where there is a shortage of the IT teachers. We are not able to pay the young people (our graduates) the salaries attractive enough to make them teach for the University; they receive lucrative offers from the IT sector. We are seeking the ways to tackle the problem. Support of all partners interested in high-quality education is welcomed", says Robert Redhammer, the STU Rector.

QS University Rankings publishes several rankings, one of them being the Top 500 universities of the world according to individual education categories, published in March 2016. STU ranked in the position 401 to 450 in the category of Computer Science and Information Technology (http://www.topuniversities.com/subject-rankings/2016). As the best in Slovakia, STU also scored in other categories, particularly in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Mathematics. In some of the above-mentioned categories, the STU score was even better (Civil Engineering, Mathematics) or about the same (Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering) as in Computer Science, but the evaluators compiled the ranking only of the best 100 or 200 universities.