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Study Programme Supervisor

Study Programe Supervisor is responsible for the quality and development of a study programme.


Profile course teachers guaranteeing a standard of creative activities of study programme

List of course supervisors of study programme

Further course teachers of study programme are listed in course information sheets (use course link).

Study advisor

Offers counselling in study plan composition and furthering of studies.

Study administration

Study deparment

Secures all administrative and organizational matters in regards to studies.

Student representatives

Ing. Jakub Perička, Ing. Martin Pukanec, Bc. Juraj Repka

Represent the interests of students of a study programme and are members of Study Programme Board.

Mobility coordinator

Mária Rešetková, MBA

Coordinates activities before, during and after travel. Offers counseling in choosing and preparation for a mobility.

Coordinator for students with special needs

Ing. Bohuslava Juhásová, PhD.