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Spatial, material, and technical provision of a study programme

Information provisions and literature

The information management of the study programs is realized through the workplaces of the Department of Knowledge Management.

Conditions of distance learning and combined form of studies

Study programs are provided as a full-time study, with the fact that selected pedagogical activities (e.g. handing in assignments or work on assignments dedicated to information technologies) can also be implemented in a distance study. In case of an extraordinary situation (e.g. due to the occurrence of COVID-19), it is possible to implement most subjects in a fully distance study, as was the case in the academic years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. The rules of the transition to the distance form are regulated by the Study Regulations of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, as amended by amendments no. 1 and 2. – Article 18. During the emergency situation caused by COVID-19, all subjects were conducted remotely via the Google Meet platform, or Microsoft Teams. In the future, distance education may be a suitable supplement to the face-to-face method of study.

Educational partners

SKARTEK s.r.o., Qintec a.s., ProCS s.r.o., TEMPEST a.s., VÚJE a.s., Humusoft s.r.o., FESTO Slovakia. Employees of the mentioned companies are directly involved in the teaching of selected chapters of professional subjects and are also members of the commission for state final exams The most frequent partners of organizations whose employees are directly involved in providing selected subject chapters or are members of commissions for state exams are: SKARTEK s.r.o., Qintec a.s., ProCS s.r.o., TEMPEST a.s., VÚJE a.s., Humusoft s.r.o., FESTO Slovakia. Final theses and professional practice are carried out by students in many companies, including SEGULA Slovensko s.r.o., IAC Group s.r.o., BOGE ELASTMETALL SLOVAKIA a.s., Bratislavská Teplárenská a.s., Groupe PSA Slovakia, Predictive Data Science s.r.o., Hella Slovakia Front-Lighting s.r.o. In cooperation with the FESTO company, the Slovak Young Mechatronics competition is regularly organized.


Counselling and support services

Study department

Is a place of first contact for an applicant and student. Offers counselling and support services for the admission process, and in all areas related to studies - specifically enrollment, creation of a study plan, fulfillment of study obligations, recognition of subjects, change of study programme, interruption of studies, tuition fees, social care, scholarships and accommodation. Additionally, it also offers help in domestic internships and mobilities.

Department of Education and Students Care

Methodically guides and coordinates counselling services for applicants and students in the areas of education and social care at STU. Directs appeal proceedings to decisions issued by faculty authorities. Offers services of issuing and verifying documents of study completion, issuing of duplicates of documents of study, recognition of documents for applicants, decisions to award scholarships, remit tuition and support for student organizations at STU.

Counselling center at STU

In cooperation with faculty coordinators, offers counselling services in the area of effective studying, for students with specific needs, in career development, social counselling and counselling in the area of mental health and wellbeing.

InQb University technology incubator

Aids students and graduates of STU to develop their entrepreneurship ideas in incubator programmes START and UP.

Department of International Relations

In cooperation with faculty coordinators, coordinates and organizes international mobilities and internships of STU students, as well as ensures related studies. 

Accommodations and Canteens

STU provides accommodation for students in seven student dormitories - SD Mladá garda, SD Jura Hronca, SD Nikosa Belojanisa, SD Akademik, SD Dobrovičova, SD Mladosť, SD Miloša Uhra in Trnava.

Rules for submission of requests and regulations for accommodation allocation for STU students.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is offered in canteens of student dormitories of STU. During the day, dining halls and cafeterias are available at places of learning or nearby faculties. A student ID is valid in all STU dining facilities.  STU Canteen Reservation System.

Non-study activities

Student organizations at STU

STU regularly supports the activities of non-profit organizations and STU student associations.


Gyms, workout spaces, climbing wall, three swimming pools, multi-use courts and other sport fields in faculty and dormitory premises are available to STU students.

STU Center for Academic Sport

University art ensemble TECHNIK

Adjacent to STU, the university art ensemble has three separate parts: