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Inštitút celoživotného vzdelávania STU v Bratislave

The excursion will be organized by STU. Travel by bus and meals are included. All participants will meet at the STU Vazovova 5 Sept 10th at 7:30 and travel together by a bus.  Travelling together make a sense to deepen  the personal contacts. Anyhow if you will use your own car please, be on time on 8:40 on main parking place of PSA Trnava, because - excursion will start 8:45 in Trnava with presentation of PSA by general director (the time was strictly setup by PSA).


7:40 - Departure of the bus from Vazovova 5 (STU), please be on time (7:30)


8:40 - 13:45 PSA Peugeot Citroën Slovakia - OEM  Programme: Presentation of PSA by general director, quality management, visit of press, welding and assembly line.

Web:  (in Slovak only) 

Address: Prílohy 1, Trnava

Coordinates: 48°21'55.68"N, 17°37'59.35"E, map and directions


14:00 - 16:15 Služba VD - Tier 2 Supplier of components for automotive industry - production of car electronics -  fuse boxes, relay, printed circuit boards, lights,  etc. 

Programme: Presentation of Služba by general director, visit of development and production facilities, discussion.


Address: Služba, Pražská 33, Nitra,  

Coordinates: 48°18'40.32"N, 18° 3'28.39"E


From app. 17:00  Evaluation of excursion in Castle (Manorhouse) Mojmírovce (15 kms from Služba Nitra)

Programme: Evaluation discussion, filling feedback forms, light dinner, wine testing





Coordinates: 48°12'25.44"N,  18° 3'37.09"E


Route planning if using own car:

STU, Vazovova 5, Bratislava

PSA: 48°21'55.68"N, 17°37'59.35"E 

Služba: 48°18'40.32"N, 18°3'28.39"E

Mojmírovce: 48°12'25.44"N, 18°3'37.09"E

Route on,+Bratislava&daddr=48%C2%B021%2755.68%22N,+17%C2%B037%2759.35%22E++to:48%C2%B018%2740.32%22N,+18%C2%B03%2728.39%22E+to:48%C2%B012%2725.44%22N,++18%C2%B03%2737.09%22E&hl=en&geocode=&mra=ls&sll=33.797409,-91.318359&sspn=41.953238,67.763672&ie=UTF8&ll=48.224673,17.561646&spn=0.532474,1.058807&z=10


1. Route on is not optimal. Check also - there is probably new road to PSA parking place. In Nitra it is better to take the main motorway to Nitra's roundabout and the turn right.

2. From Vazovova to PSA it is 51,2 km, but motorway Bratislava-Trnava may be still  under reconstruction with speed limit 80km/h.