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ECTS Information Package

Scale of Classification in Bachelor`s, Engineer`s and Master`s study programmes

Passing of a course is usually assessed by a degree. Degree expresses the level of knowledge or skills assumption in accordance with the aim of a course listed in the course information sheet.

Assessment using degree is implemented according to a scale of classification consisting of
the following classification degrees:

a)  A - excellent (excellent results) = 1;
b)  B - very good (results exceeding the average) = 1.5;
c)  C - good (average results) = 2;
d)  D - satisfactory (acceptable results) = 2.5;
e)  E - sufficient (results meeting minimal criteria) = 3;
f)  FX - insufficient (additional work is required) = 4

A faculty can determine a scoring range for particular classification degrees.
A student obtains credits for a course if his (her) results were assessed with classification degrees A - E.

In the case of chosen courses, mainly if it isn’t allowed due to the character of a course, the Slovak University of Technology or a faculty (if the study programme is implemented in a faculty) can take a decision that such courses won’t be assessed with a degree, and determine other criteria of their successful passing as a condition for credit obtaining.

Weighted study average is used to assess a student´s total study results in a determined period. Weighted study average per one academic year is calculated so that in an assessed period the multiples of numbers of credit and numeric assessment are summed up for all the courses entered by a student, and the result is divided by the total number of credits entered by the student for given period. In the case of courses not passed by a student, the degree “4” is included in the weighted study average. Courses not assessed with a degree are not included in the weighted study average.

Assessment in Doctoral study programmes

Passing of a course is assessed as follows:
a)  “Passed”, if a student fulfils the conditions for course passing;
b)  “Failed”, if a student doesn’t fulfil the conditions for course passing.

Termination of Study

Due termination of study requires the fulfilment of the following conditions during the study:
a) passing all the compulsory courses and determined number of elective courses;
b) obtaining the determined number of credits for given study degree;
c) passing state examinations as specified by the given study programme.

A student passes due study in excellence in the following cases:
- he (she) obtained common study average 4.00 – 3.50 or 1.00 – 1.50 in bachelor’s ´s study;
- he (she) obtained common study average 4.00 – 3.85 or 1.00 – 1.15 in engineer’s or master’s study.